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Pinkie GirlsAnother milestone on 25 June 2011.

I can’t believe it! 1 month has passed since the first public appearance of the book, ‘Love, Pinkie’. Actually it’s more of a public appearance in a private way. The book was not out in bookstores..but on sale at a youth conference. Hence, only a selected group of Singaporeans get to see its debut!

Many people who walked past the booth were captivated by its pink cover, regardless of GUYS or girls! It’s really encouraging to see people wanting to buy the read it for themselves or give away as a gift. Either way, I do hope those who reads it will be greatly blessed! 

I was there personally to sell the book..along with 2 Pinkie girls! Thankewww girls! *love, kisses & hugs*

Author of ‘Love, Pinkie >.<