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Drum roll…. ‘Love, Pinkie’  is now available in paperback!
What? Louder, please?
Yes, the e-book, ‘Love, Pinkie’, is finally out in paperback. That is, after much bugging from friends, readers, etc. Even with the advent of e-books, there are still many people hankering to sniff and touch books in their hands.
This is not a mere book for me, but an art. The cover, fonts, text placements, etc are all carefully considered from a designer’s point of view. Not only do I want to provide the readers with great content, but also appealing aesthetics. In other words, I want to make the book aced in both substance and style.

When I saw the end product (casting biasness aside), I love the look of its simple matt pink cover! Well, at least I’m not alone in giving thumbs up for its appearance. It caught the attention of people and drew them to touch and flip it. Moreover, its small size makes the book easy to carry around!

All in all, ‘Love, Pinkie’ is a perfect gift for girls of all ages!

These neatly packed paperbacks were fresh from the oven on 22 June 2011. Yes yes, this post comes a bit belated. >.< But I was a lil’ overwhelmed by the many happenings around ‘Love, Pinkie’ after its birth. I will post more about these ‘happenings’..soon. Before I forget, there are also many exciting plans in store! So, watch this space for updates. ^.-

I can only say..grab the while the stocks last! This first print has limited copies and after all these are sold out, the next print will be a revised edition. So…What are you waiting for?! Pinch a copy of ‘Love, Pinkie’ from the online store!!

A love letter with life messages.
Rockin’ your world with pinkie love  ♥ ~

Author of ‘Love, Pinkie >.<‘