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2012, the supposedly ‘end of the world’ year, is coming to an end. How have you been living this year? 😉

For Pinkie, the book appeared for the first time in this year’s Singapore Book Fair. And for Lovepinkie.com, it went through a major revamp. And at the Store, a new line of tops was introduced for you to wear ‘Faith, Hope, Love’ in style.

To celebrate all these new changes, Pinkie organized many giveaways and promotions in this 2nd half of the year, including book giveaways in Singapore’s Uweekly magazine. =)

I was also invited to share my writing journey of  ‘Love, Pinkie’ during a writing class of Awakening (a creative series of talks). I was glad I could encourage aspiring writers to stop doubting and start scribbling down their thoughts and imagination! 😉

I’m also thankful and happy that ‘Love, Pinkie’ is getting rave reviews from Singapore bloggers and youth.sg. To wrap things up for 2012, ‘Love, Pinkie’ books are now available at 2 more Singapore bookstores in this last month of December! Get your very own hard copy of‘Love, Pinkie’ at SKS Bookstore, NUS Co-Op@Forum (near central lib) and all other major bookstores in Singapore.

Wooah woah~ With all these wonderful things going on, I wonder what 2013 has in store! What about you? Are you looking back 2012 with a smile and looking forward to 2013 with an excited heart? =)

Thank you for journeying with me and Pinkie. May we together soar to greater heights in 2013! Cheers!*~

! H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R !

Christina Siew
Author of “Love, Pinkie >.<” book