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GBChristina, the author of “Love, Pinkie” gave talks about the book on both 15&16 July 2011. ¬†

For these two days, I lugged a bag of books along an ardous journey — a journey of blood, sweat and tears.

Bah..okay, minus off the exaggeration, there was only sweat trickling down my forehead. This is so inevitable as I carry a 2kg bag under the big hot sun. But hey, I was nearly crying from the long journey of changing from a bus to train to bus again. No easy feat. It was all for a short 20 minutes, no, 8 minutes of airtime. I was slated to speak at a particular Secondary School to two groups of students, Christian Fellowship and Girls’ Brigade (GB) respectively on each day.

It’s been some time since I last public speak and hence my nervousness got the better of me. I swallowed my words and went on a rapid fire mode. As a result, I gave a dramatically shortened speech. Even so, I think I got the main point across — love.

If you are still wondering why I was speaking to them, it’s to hand out free copies of the book, ‘Love, Pinkie’. In two days, 50 books were given away! Not out of my own pocket (thought discounts were given) but they were sponsored by a few kind souls! They decided to support me and at the same time bless the students with this book. And guess what, I heard from the GB teacher-in-charge that they are thinking of using the ‘Love, Pinkie’ as a discussion material for the girls! Woohoo~ sounds exciting to me already!

So if you have quite a lot of girls you want to bless, and want a discount for bulk purchase, you can email me at¬†info@lovepinkie.com. If you don’t have any beneficiaries in mind, I have a list of organisations you can choose from.
Read and blessed! ^.^

Author of ‘Love, Pinkie >.<‘